Farm Management by Go Green Landscape focuses on sustainability by increasing existing yield. The aim is to develop new commercial crop for higher income, and also plan cost-cutting methods to make the farm self-sustainable. Under Farm Management, Go Green Landscape takes care of the following:

  • Research and Survey

Complete inspection of the farm.  Analysis of farm history, yield and productivity.  Survey of soil condition, topography, climatic conditions, water source, and their effects on productivity and growth.

  • Farm Operations

Initiating operations by becoming familiar with the caretaker, farm workers and their existing operating conditions and schedules. > Recommending plant protection and nutrition plans, along with the standard proportions of manure and fertilizers for the particular crop. > Train caretaker/ farm manager for all tillage and other regular practices, which would be beneficial to the long-term value of the farm. > Recommend and, if approved implement appropriate chemical control measures for plant protection and overall health.

  • Self Sustenance

> Consultation/ training on increasing productivity of existing vegetation. > Hands on experience to caretakers to generate a self-sustainable farm. > Setting the most suitable time and work schedules.

  • Cultural Operations

> Introducing the right kind of farm/ garden tools and equipments. > Introducing cutting, trimming and other important methods. > Recommending high-income crops. >Introducing job schedules including manure & fertilizer applications, foliar spray, plant protection, weeds and weeding, pollarding, thinning & gap fillings, etc. > Getting the people familiar with basic horticulture, such as pomology, olericulture and floriculture.